Phoka Nunnery of St. Nino

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Red currant with almond nut
Black-currant with almond nut
Strawberry with chili
Fig with ginger
Banana and carrots with lemon
Pumpkin with oranges
Strawberry with geranium flowers
Strawberry with balsamine
Black-currant with wine
Black-currant with mint
Banana with canella and lemon
Mix citrus
Black-currant with rum and anise flowers
Raspberry paste
Raspberry with whisky and mint
Cherry with mint
Apricot with honey and saffron
Apricot with rose petals
Peach with almond nut
Peach with rosemary and cardamon
Blackberry with lavender and saffron
Blackberry with rose petals
Pear with pepper and cinnamon
Pear with coconut and ginger
Cherry with lavender
Cherry with rum
Абрикос с вином Apricot with wine
Персик с вином Peach with wine
Яблоко с мятой Apple with mint
Apple with cinnamon and lemon
Blackberry with rose
Cornelian cherry
Grated sandthorn
Queen-apple with hazelnuts
Pear with grapefruit
Pear with coconut
Pear with sage and honey
White and red bird-cherry with lemon
Дыня и груша melon and pear
Белый инжир с лавром и коньяком White fig with bay and cognac
Black fig with honey
Fig with oranges and vanilla
Water melon with pomegranate
Water melon with nectarine and pomegranate
Platter of cane fruit and sweet basil
Muskmelon with lemon and oranges
Plum with dry kumquat
Plum with mandarin
Prune with nutmeg
Carrots with ginger, almond nut, lemon and oranges


Cracker with raspberry and white chocolate
Cracker with ginger
Cracker with coffee and cacao beans
Cracker with chili and dark chocolate
Cracker with с oat flakes, cacao beans and dry fruits
Cracker with с миндалём
Cracker with pepper and chocolate
Cracker with coconut
Cracker with dried cherry and white chocolate


Chocolate truffle with ginger
Chocolate truffle with mint
Chocolate truffle with brown sugar and honey
Chocolate truffle with cashew
Chocolate truffle with saffron
Chocolate truffle with lemon and honey
Chocolate truffle with cacao powder, cherry and rum
Chocolate truffle in golden powder
Chocolate truffle in silver powder


Chocolate with cereals and caramel
Chocolate with pepper
Chocolate with coffee
Chocolate with dry fruit
Chocolate with dried oranges and gingelly
Dark chocolate
Chocolate with dried coconut and pineapple
Chocolate with dried ginger and gingelly
Chocolate with hazelnuts and sultana raisin