Phoka Nunnery of St. Nino

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 Since the foundation of the nunnery great attention is paid to agricultural activities and animal farming. Throughout the first years the large share of work was directed towards learning the traditional agricultural activities such as grain-growing, crop growing, management of gourd field and greenhouses, cow farming. The several years practice revealed the priorities in the activities that appeared to be most effective and accessible under the existing circumstances.

 Candles – candles are produced in all monasteries across Georgia. The nunnery pays special attention to this activity, producing distinct appearance ingenious handmade candles of several types and sizes.

Cloisonne enamel – it has been passed more than 10 years since the studio of cloisonne enamel started to operate in Poka nunnery. The manufactures of the studio are widely distributed and are sold in “Pokani” shop in Tbilisi, in addition to selling custom-made ones.

 Cheese – many years of experience and working and efforts of merging the local traditions and climate with French experience and European technologies of cheese-making yielded unique sorts of cheese that are merchandised in the nunnery shop.

 Confectionery products – after the introduction of the cheese producing technology, the nunnery stated o produce branded confectionery products by use of solely biologically pure raw materials and organic ingredients.

 Cookery - several dozens of exclusive dishes were created after the lengthy monachism by use of many years experience of the nunnery members.

 School – the nunnery makes particular contribution to education of the completely non-Georgian local population. Extra lessons are conducted for the school pupils in Georgian language and literature, geography and English.

 Husbandry - the nunnery activities involve the cheese production, farming up to dozen of cows, small greenhouse and gourd field management, a potato plot and mowing.