Phoka Nunnery of St. Nino

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 There is a monument of Georgian architecture of XI century in Poka -  the hall type Church of St. Nino. The church was built of neatly cut square stone blocks. Interior walls are divided by shaped hypostatic pilasters whereupon some bearer arches are rested. There are two high niches in the apse of the altar that are semicircular in projection. Ornamental design has been preserved only on southern facade. The door and windows are provided with ornaments. Fragments of wall painting have been preserved in the interior. The wall paintings above the door mentions John Chrysostom – the catholicos of Kartli, and the paintings at the right side of the door – “master Bavreli”, the builder of the temple. According to the “Conversion of Kartli”, St. Nino the Cappadocian who arrived in Georgia from Armenia through Javakheti mountains came to stop right in this place.